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2 May 2015 09:22

During the journey of life.. we get to meet so many people…some were there for brief time and a few get hooked up to your soul…some come to teach you the lessons of life and some come to you to complete you in some ways…..every meeting is pre destined …pre organized by god himself …some people set out of obscurity and captured your heart and become so important that you just cannot imagine your life without them….and once you wont get to be one with those you’re created to unite…god provides you another chance….coz two people when really love each other, has got to meet, has to be one…if not today, then somewhere tomorrow…somehow breaking all the barriers of life and death….destiny brings them close by creating its own arrangements… but those who has got to meet… has to be together… gets to meet.

2 May 2015 09:23