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30 Apr 2015 21:53

It takes only a few seconds to say “I LOVE YOU” to some one, but it takes a whole life time to prove the real meaning of these three words…. Love is a feeling that changes you into some one else that you never knew before… it makes you see your dreams and it gives you the strength to fulfill them too… it makes you think about the person who captures your soul and all your senses…. it takes away your power of thinking and reasoning… Love means giving your all and expecting care, attention, and respect in return… Love resonates your life and takes you to another world where life is just between YOU and HIM…..

30 Apr 2015 21:54

5 May 2015 08:50


5 May 2015 08:52
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5 May 2015 08:57

as tave myliu my medaus

5 May 2015 08:58