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30 Apr 2015 21:44

I just can’t stop loving you. As long as I can dream I want to dream about you. As long as I can speak I want to keep talking to you. As long as I can see with my eyes I want to see you in my arms. As long as I can hear with my ears I want to hear your whispers and your sweet little words of love. As long as my heart beats I want it to beat just for you. As long as my soul can dance I want it dance with your soul and remain in a love trance forever. You are a blessing for which I have thanked God a million times over. You are the most precious thing that has ever been mine. I treasure you and I love you more than you will ever know. As long as I live I want to live for you and love you till my last days…I want to love till my last breath…

30 Apr 2015 21:45