International forum: Romance & Friendship - When You Miss Your Partner, What Do You Do ?
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27 Mar 2014 10:39

Do not underestimate these tiny feelings friends, they are what make the whole love and passion story in our life. I used to send beautiful words via text messages, get a little bit obsessed by anything related to her ( photos, old messages ..etc )what about u friends please share your valuable ideas here.

27 Mar 2014 13:35

it's time to party

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27 Mar 2014 13:39

Therefore I have no partner!

27 Mar 2014 14:03

Whenever i do , i go to bed

27 Mar 2014 14:46
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27 Mar 2014 14:51
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28 Mar 2014 05:12

I never miss her anymore!

28 Mar 2014 05:17
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28 Mar 2014 12:07

I haven't partner yet in my life

28 Mar 2014 21:33

I search her

29 Mar 2014 00:48

Quote by junaidkhan3
I search her

good idea

29 Mar 2014 01:28

I tell the trust that she with me

29 Mar 2014 01:46
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29 Mar 2014 02:06

Quote by gara25
When I missed my partner I view hes picture in my gallery, sending messages on hes inbox to know him and to reminding him to take care always and i will always love him, but sometimes im act like im angry or something he ignores me and i will fight to him but it does not mean i hate him it means I miss him a lot ..

nice way gara25 friend

29 Mar 2014 05:28

Think about her so much, 24/7

29 Mar 2014 06:02

Whenever I Am Missing My Partner, I Dial Their Lines, To Show How Much I Care.

29 Mar 2014 06:30
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29 Mar 2014 06:31

this time I miss my friend ...
and I am set under a tree .... this time very bad ....I dont like it.

29 Mar 2014 12:01

wen i miss my partner i scroll thru my gallery, listen 2 hs voice recording msgs nd read thru my diary, bt neva wll i tell him tht i miss him..mwah

29 Mar 2014 12:50

I go to my favorite hotel its time for party