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27 Mar 2014 08:13

Some time i feel sad but i dnt knw why plz frnds tell me how to deal with sadness and loneliness

27 Mar 2014 14:51
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27 Mar 2014 16:14

Christname ur right my frnd

29 Mar 2014 14:41

chances are that y0u'll
have t0ns 0f fun..d0nt expect t0o much 0f y0urself..face the things
that y0u're dreading..0nce
y0u d0, y0u're b0und t0 feel a l0t y0urself 0r s0me0ne else a gift..Relax..take a l0ng walk by y0urself t0 think
things 0ver, take a bubble bath, 0r listen t0 s0othing sure t0 get en0ugh sleep by g0ing t0 bed and waking up at
a reas0nable time..being tired makes y0u feel m0re stressed and
irritated, especially
ar0und 0thers

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29 Mar 2014 18:26

Quote by NaeEm..
Chances are that you'll have tons of fun. Don't expect too much of yourself. Face the things that you're dreading. Once you do, you're bound to feel a lot better. Buy yourself or someone else a gift. Relax. Take a long walk by yourself to think things over, take a bubble bath, or listen to soothing music. Be sure to get enough sleep by going to bed and waking up at a reasonable time. Being tired makes you feel more stressed and irritated, especially around others

Thanks my frnd naem

31 Mar 2014 13:30

b happy always bro dnt b sad

31 Mar 2014 14:59

Quote by Shoaib wafa 3
b happy always bro dnt b sad

thanks same 2 u

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31 Mar 2014 15:46

Always b happy bro

1 Apr 2014 10:02

me..i usually go out with my frnds when i feel sad or i turn on my radio and listened funny jokes frm my fave dj..

2 Apr 2014 07:21

Quote by Muhammad_Umer_Azeem
Always b happy bro


2 Apr 2014 07:22

Quote by quiete
me..i usually go out with my frnds when i feel sad or i turn on my radio and listened funny jokes frm my fave dj

ok i'll try

5 Apr 2014 12:59
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5 Apr 2014 14:16 with sadness hhhhmmm....... just be always online on mobo and talk and talk to your friends here can feel much better ...... ......... ....

5 Apr 2014 14:16

kaen ka ng chocolate

5 Apr 2014 14:18

oh. .....eto lobo don't be sad

5 Apr 2014 17:22

how to deal with sadness, just easy, eat chocolates or ice cream, sweets can help mood change hahaha, i do that but dont eat too much you['ll be fat..

5 Apr 2014 17:46
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8 Sep 2014 16:31

Spend time with friends or people who can relate to your feelings. When your with people who you love, it's guaranteed that they will try to lift your spirits. You can call a friend or loved one who you can tell your sad story to, and maybe they'll help you.

10 Sep 2014 13:41

vocable(word) finish sadness

10 Sep 2014 14:22

get a job