International forum: Gentlemen only - If your ex wants you back will you accept?
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26 Mar 2014 21:24

If your ex wants you back will you accept?

27 Mar 2014 14:02

Of course not

19 Jun 2014 19:04


30 Jul 2014 14:35


1 Aug 2014 13:39
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10 Aug 2014 01:38

CIA be hedkibet menged atimeles yilal

15 Oct 2014 23:07

You got to fucking joking I'm haveing the best time of my life now with out her

2 Nov 2014 04:59

I have no ex vex

2 Nov 2014 05:10

If i'm blind bt i dnt it will work dat way..

2 Nov 2014 07:16

i wont

2 Nov 2014 07:48

Thank u

2 Nov 2014 08:01
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2 Nov 2014 08:06

Yes... I still love my Mmumi

2 Nov 2014 15:10


2 Nov 2014 17:29

first of all i had no ex and am not gonne hv it.. coz i know am not missing dat sm1 my heart truely claims 2b her ... smtyms ppl may stumble suddenly in z middle of your way & you lift your hand to them & entertain dem a little to offer dem a little comfort & you call dis a mere humanity & ntng else ... at last u let dem go to whr dy were at frst lyk dy were pilgrims in ur city & u offered a shelter .. who were dy, u kol dem wn u remember dem by chance? i hope not ex

2 Nov 2014 17:41

I don't condone break ups God brought us to this earth to have partners & live with them throughout our life time until death do us apart .

2 Nov 2014 17:45

never life must go on.

2 Nov 2014 18:02

yes if i still love her 4rm my heart i we wellcome her again 4give u shall be 4giving xxx

3 Nov 2014 22:08

Are you nuts that was the best day of my life when she lift way wood I want to fuck up a good thing

4 Nov 2014 00:20

If she /he has born again um acpt