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26 Apr 2015 06:53

For years long people of West Papua have been forgotten by the world, they are forgotten because there are many interests of businesses and military promotions by colonial/indonesian illegal occupation over the land of West Papua.
With the support of big nation who came to explore their natural resources and divide royalties among them but left poverty to the local West Papua so sad to see their fate. only blind and stupid deaf cannot see and hear their voice for INDEPENDENCE and only greedy nation

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26 Apr 2015 07:02

Only greedy nations that close their eyes to these facts, so they can continue their contracts to explore and sell West Papua's riches for development of their countries. THEY ARE HUMANBEINGS AND HAVE THE FULL RIGHTS TO MANAGE THEIR OWN COUNTRY Republic of West Papua (RWP) "united and be strong"


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6 May 2015 11:52

"Soon or later Republic of West Papua must be acknowledged internationally as a formal nation and with the POWER OF GOD's WORD it will be realised and nothing impossible"

"Cepat atau lambat Republic of West Papua akan di akui di dunia internasional, sebagai negara yg resmi "TAK ADA YG MUSTAHIL !! DENGAN KEKUATAN FIRMAN 7 ROH MAHA KUDUS AMEN"

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