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25 Apr 2015 05:01

It has always been announce over and over by EU bodies authorities

Over last year more then 5 / 7 millions people emigrate where caught ...... mostly every year and year ..... most are crossing the boader with lake,ocean,sea etc

For my option i just hope thy should be free ..... our eu countries authorities are mostly complaining
Cos alot of emigrate re coming too europe nations too search for a better life ..... we are not against them coming ..... but they are against the crime which most emigrate re spreeding all over town .... and this can lead too deportation , or life in jailed ....

List of nations in europe which are fell with emigrat

United kingdom
Western europe
Alot of them ..... to be announce

And this countries listed are mostly europe richest nations ............

Our government are trying too give freedom too alot of them ....

But most emigrate dont care all in the names .... of sell coke , having sex with men nd women on street for money ( euro )

But it does not matter we still
Ya too EUROPE -

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