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19 Apr 2015 16:16

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A lot of messages are been send by user's from Indian district .....

That administrator should delete all abusing , iD been use by innocent user name .....

for the full support from user kernage ,, I do understand ,, the only way too reduce fake , scammers , abuser I'd from been created created here on ,, is for administrator too create a new system ,, where by ,, all newbie and oldbie ,, can only registered on mobofree with his or her mobile phone number ,,,

email , mobile , are main use for a lot of web today ,,, but abusing I'd , scammers , here don't registered with email

This is getting serious right now ,, a lot of people are creating fake , copy fake I'd with innocent user ,, all in the name of incorrect mail been use ,,,

If administrations can change it ,, where by user will registered here with phone number ,, that will be ok ,, cos they can't create two ids with same phone number ,,,

I hope in future ,, will create this option , been use by many site out their !

We are all here too hear a good name been use by people , not a bad name ,,

administrators / moderators should have day meeting @ moderator forum ,, about this issue of user registration here ,,if really you want the full growth of Mobofree Lt ..

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19 Apr 2015 16:22

Your feel ,, too check out Indian zone ( forum ) we also created on every forum

Have a nice dayyyy mobobianz

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19 Apr 2015 16:26

Mail from IMC member ,,

User name TEARDROP
Country : Philippines

Heyyy ,, I deleted all my photo , becos someone keep creating fake I'd with my name, and my photo , he or she also ,, copy my profile :.....

I have no option but too delete all cos am not safe here ...

Admin ,, delete all fake I'd created with my name !

19 Apr 2015 16:30

I have no time too mentioned all ,, but theyy been action taken for all good user ,,

Fake I'd has increased over 45% ,, over my our investigation ....

Abuser I'd has increased over 71%

This is serious problem ......