International forum: Romance & Friendship - Many adventures or 1 serious Relation ???
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24 Mar 2014 21:56

What do u Love the Most : to have many adventures with Men / Women or to have 1 serious Relation /Story ...

25 Mar 2014 14:46


25 Mar 2014 14:51

Quote by clixsters
Equal! ;)

26 Mar 2014 08:33

im adventurous,i love thriller,i hate boring so i decided to explore and feel how to play but it ddnt happend coz i meet raju and i become so serious with him but it seems he only wanted to be adventorous too and i'd bec0me hs willing prey..n0w its over and i guess im n0t that late to bec0me adventorous as i've wanted b4...hey whom of u want to bec0me my willing victim? hahaha!!!!!!

10 May 2015 09:01

im n0t adventur0us and i never t0t t0 have any kind 0f relati0nship with girls 0n internet and in real life until i met jodi..when 1st tym i saw her pr0file i gave her s0me c0mments 0n her pics but that tym i didnt t0t she g0in t0 bec0me l0ve 0f my very shy type 0f guy, but when i met j0di and i talk t0 her i feel at ease..i d0nt knw what she d0es t0 me im fall inl0ve with her m0re everyday..i l0ve her s0 much and im damn seri0us with her..i swear i'll whatever it takes t0 make her my wife in real life..