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23 Mar 2014 10:26

Love is a power. It's come from marciful allah.

25 Mar 2014 03:55

love is a str0ng emoti0n towards sum1 or sumthng..

10 May 2015 08:17

what is l0ve? l0ve has n0 b0undaries..l0ve is everything..we humans cant live with0ut l0ve..we are created with l0ve inside us..n0 matter h0w st0ne c0ld ur heart is..but s0mewhere deep in th0se heart chambers 0f u, u l0ve/care f0r s0meone genuinely..l0ve is als0 a sacrifice..u sacrifice ur life and give ur all f0r the pers0n wh0m u l0ve deeply..u will do anything t0 keep ur partner happy, t0 see her happy [0r he if y0u're a w0man]..and t0 supp0rt with all ur might/strength..l0ve is als0 a passi0n..because u want be with her / or him..its ur life t0 be with the pers0n wh0m u l0ve and care f0r..there is the l0ve f0r g0d 0ur creat0r..[if y0u're religi0us] there is l0ve f0r ur family, even f0r ur friends..and then u get the 0ne wh0m u l0ve..