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30 Mar 2015 19:08

Do you think the world would be a better place if it was ruled mostly by women ?

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30 Mar 2015 19:15

Mmm..probably a different world but not necessarily better.It's all a question of decisions and insight and both sexes have strengths and weaknesses in their attributes which may come out at the wrong time when decisions that may affect the world profoundly are made..

31 Mar 2015 17:13

No-never!!! Woman is to create for love and childrens,for home and poetry,for flowers,woman is to create for man!!Rūpes in the world needed man-and only man(woman in politic-its snake)

31 Mar 2015 17:23

Yes Or No not metter if woman is wise then she can rule the world

1 Apr 2015 04:16
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1 Apr 2015 04:18
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1 Apr 2015 05:41

The day the women rule the world i will move to MARS! lol.

1 Apr 2015 06:11

the so called girl power!
its a fascinating world when gurls ruled the world..exciting!

1 Apr 2015 06:18

Quote by rya_frihane
Both Man n Woman r Equal, both hve plus n minus bcoz nobody's perfect but if d Woman hve d Capacity n Capability then why not ? Angela Merkel,Aung San Suu kyi,Christina Fernandez,Sonia Gandhi,Dillma Rouseff,Laura Chincilla n many others proves woman can b a Gud Leader....
yes..but the question is you think the world would be a better place than it is ,not whether women are as capable as men to rule the world ..see the difference ? There are still not enough women in positions of power ..see ?

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1 Apr 2015 07:54

Not sure