International forum: Romance & Friendship - Whose heart did you break most ? Did you apologize from him\her ?
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28 Mar 2015 11:43

Whose heart did you break most ? Did you apologize from him\her ? Friends please feel free to share your ideas here.

1 Apr 2015 14:38

hmm it was my heart broken most but i already have slowly fixed it by myself.....
well i think i have broken heart of the one who truly have loved me though he did something wrong that have caused our break up but then i also have mistake on my part and thats the biggest mistake that til now i kept by myself...sometimes it takes for you to lose the person before you realize that that person was the one who truly loved you yet we cant bring back past and undo everything...all we can do is to accept the consequences of the wrong decision and wrong choice we made..

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1 Apr 2015 14:40

I didn't break heart yet....

1 Apr 2015 15:04

I'm really I store all the heart, so i'm have nothing
to apologize for what

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1 Apr 2015 15:30

Oh always do apologies its not my fault to hurt them

1 Apr 2015 15:35

1 Apr 2015 15:40
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1 Apr 2015 17:08
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3 Apr 2015 16:03

There is always apoligize when there is still love. but apoligize there is always a limit