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26 Mar 2015 13:19

Love me the way iam.

28 Mar 2015 00:09
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28 Mar 2015 06:00

It is the only kind of love iwill accept

28 Mar 2015 10:29
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29 Mar 2015 02:48

Are you lovely ? If the ans yes ok i love you.

29 Mar 2015 17:42

29 Mar 2015 17:43

love need no beauty

29 Mar 2015 19:05

If you cannot love,,not problems,,and thanks God,,maybe its better,,

30 Mar 2015 22:29

Quote by simplyme14
"u've got to love me for what i an and simply being me,,don't love me for what you intend or hope that i will be,,coz if u're only using me to feed ur fantasy,,you really not in love so let me go...i must be free.,

30 Mar 2015 23:54

I Løvé My Åll FrIÉÑÐ

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31 Mar 2015 19:43

Love me the way I love you , accepts me.the way I accepted u..forgive me the way I forgiven u.. forget all ma.flaws the way i forgetting urs.. I save me the way I saving u frm the dark Nd treasure the way I treasured urs.. I
Keep ur forever in ma heart..bowww hehe

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31 Mar 2015 19:48

i love u as a friend

31 Mar 2015 19:57

You may not love me today, tomorrow, or ever, If you don't love me, it does not matter, anyway I can love for both of us,and I will love you until it kills me, and, even then, you'll be in my heart.

3 Apr 2015 01:25

Love me for who i am and simply being me

3 Apr 2015 02:13
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3 Apr 2015 02:13

3 Apr 2015 02:35

Love me of my falures and my weaknesses not successes, love my heart not my body, love my characters not my pretendence, love me not my backgrounds, love my family not me ,, i will never measure love but always treasure i miss you!

3 Apr 2015 02:39

Somebody will cry forever if love died in an accident

3 Apr 2015 02:45

Somebody is missing you somebody is thinking of you somebody is calling out your name somebody is lonely somebody is crying somebody is sleepless somebody needs you somebody truely loves you

3 Apr 2015 17:47

Your love is my precious treasure which I can’t
share with anyone else… my whole universe is in
your eyes and my world is inside your hug…. your
heart is my home where I want to live for ever and
ever… you give my life a meaning which starts and
ends on you….. you are my blessing from God who
teaches me the way to be happy and helps me in
finding the real me…