International forum: Romance & Friendship - What Attracts You to the Opposite Gender?
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26 Mar 2015 04:27

I have wondered about what attracts us to some people more than others. In particular, what attracts us to the opposite gender? Indeed, chemistry between people plays a huge part in our relationships, but there are also certain personality characteristics that draw us to one another. Some people are attracted to physical appearance, others to status or an individual’s personality; whether it is charismatic, friendly, kind, thoughtful or even brilliant.
I have always been attracted to intelligent girls what about you friends?

26 Mar 2015 10:42
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26 Mar 2015 11:24

I'm interested in people who have a good personality and smart

26 Mar 2015 11:42

Quote by geerly
I'm interested in people who have a good personality and smart

thanks hun to post your honest interest here na.

26 Mar 2015 11:43

26 Mar 2015 11:44

Welcome hun

26 Mar 2015 14:24

Girls who are really feminine

26 Mar 2015 15:00

I like girls with moral thought.

26 Mar 2015 15:54

Quote by AlhajioTuray
I like girls with moral thought.
Found any yet ? Hahaha !

26 Mar 2015 20:22

Am easily attracted to smile, sense of humour,mild or big ass..regardlez of colour.

26 Mar 2015 22:58

Smiling face n bright eyes

27 Mar 2015 06:08

Personalities is what I go 4,most girl are beautiful, but their attitudes sometimes cause problem, but if u find the value in a particular individual, they become attracted to u!

27 Mar 2015 07:57

blue eyes

27 Mar 2015 10:11

look,sense of humor and honesty

1 Apr 2015 14:52

respectful, good natured, loya and honest...thats all whats important for me more than outside looks