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24 Mar 2015 05:03

Islam is not about,
"We are better than you".

Islam is about ,
"Let me show you something,
that is better for you".

24 Mar 2015 05:05

"Gift" of "SALAM"
wrapped with "AFFECTION"
tied with "CARE"
sealed with "DUA"
keep u safe & happy today & always.

24 Mar 2015 05:07

"ISLAM" stands for:

Muhammad (S.A.W)

24 Mar 2015 16:53

Quote by N.AjNabee
"Gift" of "SALAM"
wrapped with "AFFECTION"
tied with "CARE"
sealed with "DUA"
keep u safe & happy today & always.

25 Mar 2015 05:07

Pay attention to Allah
He will pay attention to you.�

29 Mar 2015 21:56

Invitation of Namaz is 700 times in Quran,
Hazrat Ayesha was the first who counted all qurani ayats,
Quran-e-Pak was completed in 22 years, 5 months & 14 days.
The name of Allah is 2584 times in Quran-e-Pak,
Qurn-e-Pak has translated in 103 languages in the world,
4 Names of masjids r mentioned in Quran-e-Pak

16 Apr 2015 23:58


2 May 2015 09:15

ALLAH se mango toh Behisab mango Q k Ak ALLAH hi hai jo wapsi ka Takaza nahi karta.
Jumma mubarak!

2 May 2015 09:15

YAALLAH Mujhe Aisa Bana De K Tujhe Pasand Ajaon.

2 May 2015 09:25

হে আল্লাহ,
তুমি আমাদের সেই রকম নামাজ পড়ার তাউফিক
দাও, যেভাবে নামাজ পড়লে তুমি খুশি হও
[ Ameen]

2 May 2015 09:31

Islamic peotry kazi nazrul islam, musa al hafiz

3 May 2015 09:43

"Apne Jism K Waqar K Lye Apna Sar Oncha Rakho or Apni Zat K Waqar K Liye Apni Nazren or Lehja Hamesha Neecha Rakho." HAZRAT ALI (R.A)