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21 Mar 2015 18:16

When You Need Someone Desperately No One Has A Minute To Spend With You.!
But When You Want To Be Alone People Have A Life To Spend With You..!!

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21 Mar 2015 18:18

yaad aati hai to jara kho lete hai.
Ansu aankho se utar aya to ro lete h.
neend to nhi aati aankho me lekin aap
sapno me ayange is liye so lete hai
good night

21 Mar 2015 18:20

Door na jaaya karo dil tarap jaata hai
Tere hi khayalon me din guzar jaata hai

Aaj pucha hai dil ne ek sawal tumsey
Kya dur rehker tumko bhi hamara khayal ata hai?

21 Mar 2015 18:22

Dewangi se kum na thi kuch apni justuju,
Hum bewafa jahan mein wafa dhondte rahay,

Mehromiyon k dor mein Kin hasraton k sath,
Hum chulon ki BIRYANI mein BOTI dhondte rahay:-D

21 Mar 2015 18:24

Us shakhs se jab tuk koi baat nahin hoti,
Din nikalta nahi or raat nahin hoti,

Na khafa howa karay wo usay kehna,
Bina us k Mukammal meri zaat nahin hoti

23 Mar 2015 07:43

The first person that you think of in the morning
and the last person you think of in the night
is either the
cause of your happiness
the cause of your pain.

23 Mar 2015 07:45

Morning is silent,
morning is calm,
morning is beautifil,
but morning is not complete
without wishing u good and wonderful day.

23 Mar 2015 07:46

The greatest gift
you can give to someone
is your time,

because when you give your time,
you're giving them a portion of life
that you never get back.
Good Morning,
Have a lovely day!

23 Mar 2015 07:47

Flowerful morning
Colorful noon
Joyful evening
Peaceful night !!

Be happy
It going to be
A fantastic day 4 u

23 Mar 2015 07:48

See how beautifully
God has added one
More day in your life

Not necessarily bcoz
You need it
But because
Someone else
Might need "u"

Good Morning

23 Mar 2015 07:50

"You have no idea how good
it feels to wake up every
morning knowing you are
mine and i am yours"
Have a great day ahead

23 Mar 2015 07:51

God's blessings come as a surprise
how much you receive
depends on
how much your heart believes !

May you be blessed beyond you expectations
Good morning ...

23 Mar 2015 07:51

Many peoples realize their
hearts' desires late in life
Continue learning
Never stop striving
Keep Ur curiosity sharp
You'll never become too old 2
appreciate life

~ Good Morning ~

23 Mar 2015 07:53

It's So
Pleasant !
You !
You !
I have told them
all To Wish You
Good Morning.

23 Mar 2015 07:56

Morning is God's way of saying 1 more time...
Go, live life, make a difference, touch one's heart,
encourage 1's mind inspire 1's soul
enjoy the day

23 Mar 2015 16:39

how i tell you how much i love u you dont know my love i am waiting 4 u you are my heart and you are my life

23 Mar 2015 17:42

23 Mar 2015 19:14
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23 Mar 2015 19:19

wow alright dear frndz

23 Mar 2015 19:23

1 Lovely quote:
We always love our love cause
our love always loves
what we love to love &
ur love loves the way
you love ur love.
so keep loving.