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20 Mar 2015 14:43

How would you know happiness without sadness?

20 Mar 2015 19:46
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20 Mar 2015 20:06

Quote by rya_frihane
Everything in pairs is a match like moon n sun,day n nite,land n sky,earth n wind,fire n ice,tears n smile coz everything as 1 like sadness n happiness....


20 Mar 2015 20:13
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20 Mar 2015 20:49

We would never know joy without the pain & life is painful but that's what makes joy so tangible. When you have joy you can make it through anything & when it's real people will recognize it & just want to be around you cause it's contagious. It sends off good vibes. Shit people have enough problems without you adding to them but joy helps them with theirs without you doing anything but being you. Stay true to yourself & never sell out for the money. It helps but can't replace your value. Just my thoughts though

20 Mar 2015 21:15

sad ness not realy felling happynes so its not realy compeyar for its form

20 Mar 2015 23:19

happiness wud never be defined with0ut is like that they are meant to describe what they really are if u feel sadness its d time u realize to appreciate those lil happiness that c0mes to ur life and its vice versa gulo q

21 Mar 2015 04:32
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21 Mar 2015 05:07
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21 Mar 2015 09:34

just stay posetive ignore fools, nd enjoy every moment of your life.

21 Mar 2015 13:57

Every action has its equal reaction , newton,s law of motion

21 Mar 2015 16:42

Knowin sadnez helpz u appreciate happiney much gvin tanx 2 God.

21 Mar 2015 22:21

Quote by Newvimas
Knowin sadnez helpz u appreciate happiney much gvin tanx 2 God.

yeah grt

22 Mar 2015 03:37

Quote by simplyme14
sadness is a journey to a destination which is happiness

22 Mar 2015 12:44

No pain and sadness in life if we think good, trust on Allah n obey the commands life is happy always

22 Mar 2015 13:07
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22 Mar 2015 14:01

For my understanding about the questi0n sadness is one reas0n of struggles and journey we face we accept that hurting and sorrows so that were hoping we can make a happiness after that badly sadness n our life they are c0mbinati0n

23 Mar 2015 00:55

I think you can

23 Mar 2015 10:10

every action have equal reaction

23 Mar 2015 10:10

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