International forum: Romance & Friendship - What is the main purpose of falling inlove in the 1st place????
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20 Mar 2015 09:29

When coming in love world and dating someone ,do you think /talk about future?Do we just fall inlove to have fun & entertainment ?for satisfaction?falling inlove because you see pple inlove?

Whats main reason why fall inlove and dating?

20 Mar 2015 13:18
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20 Mar 2015 13:28
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20 Mar 2015 15:05

we fall inlove i think it is nature of God

20 Mar 2015 15:09

i dont agree with this topic seriously..why i dont agree , its too general..why did i fall inlove with thatv32inch tv.....why do i like your company...i love this flowers... lova is too general br specific....

20 Mar 2015 17:00

Hmmm it depends , bt to ma side I can't fall inlove for satisfaction that's a waste of time coz I wana settle so will owez hunt for sam Girl who's matured ,lovin nd carin, and God fearing who's ready to settle with me for life

21 Mar 2015 02:06

Falling inlove oh my

21 Mar 2015 18:39

Quote by trueluve26
:hm Falling in love for me is being happy together,individuals who are mutually in love,trust and respect each other.Its not about pleasure,lust or flirts is different fr0m making love.Love is not just a four letter word,it should be forever.!! ;)

love is asudden happening that comes unexpectly

22 Mar 2015 13:22

Anyone can fall in this kind of love at any stage in life, but more likely than not, you will only experience this when you meet the person during the “first time you really, really, want to love someone” phase. I believe that it’s more likely to occur when you know yourself and what you really want in life. Maybe it’s not until you’re in your mid-twenties; maybe it’s earlier or maybe it’s later

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22 Mar 2015 17:05

Quote by LuckyLiker
we fall inlove i think it is nature of God

A trick of nature to carry on and care for the human species and keep the family intact or else there would be more anarchy in the world than there already is

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