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19 Mar 2015 23:10

dear friends for those of ya who don't really know about whatsaap group ,,

I want too brief about it too ya "!"
if ya where ask from any user too give ur number just be careful guys !

My testimony was my first iD which I normally user too register here on this project 2011/2012 ,, then most user was rrquesting my whatsaap number so i decided too give w my cell number too them too whatsaap me

then I realise most people added me too whatsaap without ever knowing them ,,

At the whatsaap group , I saw a lot of satanic photo uploaded by most users ,, I was so sacred , evil and satanic photo which was send too me from most user , alot of them from different nation ,, I can't forget the nationalities on the whatsaap group ,, I will keep it as secret ,, !! ,, never too expose him or her here on forum !!

,, I decided too create this topic too educate us all that never trust social world , neither whatsaap group , most people at the whatsaap group re 100% satanic ,evil ,, i have too change my cell number too a new one !! Cos i was sacred ,, unauthorize numbers keep calling me at night ,, alot of satanic photo and angry mood from them ,, i becan too ask myself , who added me too this group ,,

becos ya don't know how many people whom re register the group evil and satanic people , mix with Christian people

don't give ur cell number too people ya met online , only if ya believed that the person is clean in heart not the satanic type people ,,

let be careful friends :

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