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18 Mar 2015 18:44

How much control do you have over your life?

19 Mar 2015 02:08

Quote by Syful-islma
How much control do you have over your life?


Hmm… Now this is really a loaded
question: How much control do you have over your life? I took a lot of time
to think about this and honestly
my answer changes on a daily
For most of my life, I think that I
was under the impression that
Yes, I have control over my life. That was my answer, until I
started to lose control over my
life about a some time, at the
advent of my Quarterlife
Since then I have learned a thing
or two about life!
One of which, being we do NOT
have control over most aspects
of our lives.
I have learned that we can
control our actions and our
reactions but we can not control
what happens in the world
around us or the people that may
walk in and out of our lives. All of
these factors affect who we are,
so in essence, we are constantly
changing based on the
environment which surrounds
Over the past year, I have been
struggling tremendously with the
issue of control… I still am.
So far, the most important
lesson I have learned is, that at
this point in my life, it is better to
shake loose that idea of having
100% control. When I try to plan
my life, it never goes the way I
expect and that often leaves me
stressed, disappointed or
I tried something new a few
months ago and started to push
away those thoughts or attempts
to have control 100% of the time.
I am not superhuman, I am not
perfect and life does not always
go as planned. A lot of times I
use the mantra, “It’s okay,
everything will be okay,” just to
remind myself that no matter
what happens the sun will rise
tomorrow. And tomorrow will be
a new day, a fresh start and a
different take on life. No matter
what happens it can be fixed,
there is always a plan B or even a
plan C.
Ironically, I have been so much
happier since I lost the idea of
total control. Don’t get me wrong
though, I still have challenges:
some days I feel my life is totally
spiraling out of control and other
days I feel completely balanced
and at ease. It’s been a roller
coaster ride for me the past
year and I’m not done yet.
Control is a tough topic. I think
its different for everyone. I don’t
have an answer yet to whether
or not I have control over my life.
I’m leaning toward, “No, I don’t”
and accepting that LACK of
control may just be what life is all