International forum: TV & Movies - CAN WE TRUST THE NEWS ? (MEDIA)
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18 Mar 2015 07:15

How often do you know that the news you are being given is definitely distorted in some way or do you believe most things ?

18 Mar 2015 15:21

Just a dictation given by state authorities

18 Mar 2015 16:05

I waching very much media news chanels,,and very much chanels to lie,,bcoz most is politica,,,,its not good,,its not bad,,we have head and brain from all news

18 Mar 2015 16:28

I think you have to look at whether its a reputable trusted source and even then because of institutional bias,emphasis on certain angles of a story,the order in which the news is placed and other subtle issues,the news can never be bias free on a story simply because all these choices have to be made.The very fact that an item is reported or not shows the bias of the news itself.The viewer/listener/reader has to remain constantly sceptical about the objectivity of the news because there is always bias