International forum: Romance & Friendship - How to Handle Rejection?
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20 Mar 2014 18:28

Friends it really hurts to be rejected. But rejection is truth of life. Maybe ur proposal be rejected. Then sure it will hurt. Plz share ur honest opinion that how to handle rejection.

21 Mar 2014 13:37

One word!

21 Mar 2014 19:12
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22 Mar 2014 04:59

it really hurts to be rejected specially when it comes to d person u love but as u said its a part of our life so as kua clixters said..acceptance is d best way...and go on with ur life like nothng dont let ur life be ruined by those rejection let that rejection be a lesson to u...

22 Mar 2014 18:27
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23 Mar 2014 03:06
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2 Apr 2014 01:56

Quote by Creepyfac3
Always Expect The Unexpected, Evn In L0ve And Rejecti0n Is Part 0f It. Best Thing T0 D0 Is Always Be Ready F0r The C0nsequencies And Accept Whatever It Will Be.

thanks for comment honey

31 Aug 2014 07:59

It's something that everyone struggles with. If you remain overly afraid of rejection your life will stagnate. Too many of the things you need to do to improve your social success have an element of risk to them. Starting conversations with people, expressing your opinions, and inviting people to hang out are just a few.