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16 Mar 2015 14:05

Do you consider yourself lucky to be living in 'modern times' or do you feel you belong to a different century ?

16 Mar 2015 14:13

I suppose with all the advances in modern technology and medicine,many people would rather be in these times rather than centuries ago when diseases like black death,smallpox etc where prevalent.All the modern gadgets are now taken for granted as well,but one thing that has remained the same is human nature which has lagged behind .If human nature had kept pace with all the various technologies the world would be a totally different place

16 Mar 2015 14:25

There are some people who you may have met who seem to belong to another century..making you think they were either born too early or too late because of their ideas and presence which can be a bit spooky.However I noticed that older people tended to wish for the times of old to come back when they were younger,forgetting all the negative things then that don't exist now.