International forum: Other - What Do You Think About Present time, Past time, & Future Girl?
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20 Mar 2014 11:29

I think,"The future is gone starter world"

20 Mar 2014 17:34
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21 Mar 2014 09:33

And this time...

21 Mar 2014 11:22

Three Categories in Just One Topic?
About the present [ current! ]
past [referring the years goes by...]
Future Girl? I think this is talking about the different of the Girls on the past!
Of course it has a big differences comparing to our new era.
I just want to summarize my answer to this 3-categories according to the facts!
Let me Quote some biblical scriptures relevant to this topic.

There is a quotation Saying like this... " In the Last days the knowledge will Increased [ referring to modernization ]
redeeming the time because the days are evil!.. [referring to moral of human being ]
Thousand years ago the life style is very simple... crime is almost controllable, people are satisfied of what they have, in present time greediness, hatred, envy, crimes, homosexual, transgender [changing their original gender into a female gender ]
etc. Armament or weapons created are just for the destruction of humanity because such kind of weapons Atomic, Hydrogen, Nuclear Bomb consider a fatal weapons that no one could intervened except God.
Our Future? Nobody could predict about what tomorrow may bring us..
I like woman in the Past compared today...

27 Oct 2014 01:50

We are always in present so we should be thoughtful about it