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12 Mar 2015 01:20

Are secret societies good or bad ?

12 Mar 2015 01:27

It depends what their ethos or aim is .However since people are generally suspicious of things 'hidden' it can cause a form of paranoia in society

12 Mar 2015 12:50

Bad, coz criminals n whores are members of that societies

12 Mar 2015 14:38

There are cultural secret societies though that people can be born into and maybe they want a sense of exclusivity ? That's why people are suspicious because they are by their nature 'secret',thereby giving rise to mis-information and prejudice

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25 Mar 2015 23:36

Secret Society was anti Christ right? Do you want to go hell when you get die and feel the fire of the hell even if your body was burried and your soul get burned everyday and you feel it too

25 Mar 2015 23:37

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