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11 Mar 2015 03:27

In your country do retired people take care of themselves or is that their children's responsibility?

12 Mar 2015 13:11

Childern's responsibility

12 Mar 2015 16:19

Family responsibility

12 Mar 2015 16:28
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12 Mar 2015 16:40

Quote by piash125123
children's responsibility

Government but emotionally family n a LOT of places to make them selves comfortable many of us build charities tht r for companies but individually its chaos elders need s to be treated as a main stream of all charity institutions but some of us neglect tht kind of aspects the reasons that many children r home less coz thier roots had been abandoned and many people think tht its not a big deal tracing tracks of wht they had been is just not valuable if the history was covered with LIE s but the most important is ull came into the point tht whts ur way of caring is too valuable in all tht has been struggling to create the better u respect as it seems is the easiest way of fighting the reason of hvin MORE place n institutions for real 1who NEEDS it..

12 Mar 2015 19:01

Oh we do have NSSF where ones monthly salary has to be reduced even if is 10% saving for the future so in Kenya we rely on ourselves not government not our children its their time to build themselves

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