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10 Mar 2015 06:52

If one day
The third world war reformed
to destroy Earth
If the light would be deamed from moon
in the sky
But you also mine.
only mine.........

10 Mar 2015 06:54

I feel now love is best

Edited by mirajul / 10 Mar 2015 06:54
10 Mar 2015 11:56

Prithibite shukh bole jodi kichu theke
thake tar nam prem tar nam valobasha<br /
>Jole pure bachar majhe jodi kichu theke thake
tar nam valobasha tar nam

10 Mar 2015 11:57

Ami takei valo basbo,je amake kosto dite
parbe.......Jibon tar jonnoi Dite Parbo,Jar
amake Kharap Vabe. .