International forum: Romance & Friendship - When Being Too Nice Hurts You
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18 Mar 2014 04:53

People who are highly agreeable are often too nice. And that can be a huge problem. If you are highly agreeable, you want other people to like you. As a result, you may not want to say things to other people that might upset them. What can you do if you find that you’re being too nice?

25 Mar 2014 09:10
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30 Mar 2014 18:48

Quote by Creepyfac3
this is true but being too nice to the extent that you dont wanna say truth about your friend's wrong behavior just because you dont want her/him gets hurt,it is not good.for me being too nice doesn't mean tolerating someone's wrong behavior.yet,you don't have to be rude to let someone know that he/she is already doing the wrong thing.we can always find modest words to use.

you are really too much nice h0n lol

11 Jun 2014 06:15

Is it good to be too much nice? Is it good to forgive someone for same mistake again and again? Friends please share your ideas na.

11 Jun 2014 06:35
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11 Jun 2014 06:53

Quote by gara25
Im nice to the person even if the person are not nice to me it does not me i easily trust them it means im matured enough to handle the situation. I know being nice is good , your nice but people take advantage you, they thinks if they do favor to you your answer is always "ok and yes" and they dont even thinks that sometimes its hard for you to make this favor but because you want to be nice to them even if its hard for you you always answer " ok i will, no problem, leave it with me" that is why you tolerate someones to abused you,abused your being nice to them, they thinks that you are always ok but deep inside your not ok, because in yourself your afraid to losse them confidents with you, you afraid to say no, you afraid to fight with them or disagree them.

thanks for posting your honest idea friend.

14 Sep 2014 04:25

Should you be too much nice with everyone?