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1 Mar 2015 17:08

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3 Mar 2015 07:01

Hmm..These things are all possible...HOWEVER... no one can do all things at all times for every one. Being psychic is not like a light that you turn off and on and a ritual or casting is not foolproof either...Also, just because you want smone that doesnt automatically make you right. Karma rules, and if you dont go by the rules you will be sorry. Hard as it is to believe, that other may do better on their own or with smone else....or you same thing. Emotions get in the way of common sense at times. ..MAGICK IS THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF APPLIED SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES RELATIVE TO CONFORMITY TO There is too much to explain. ..Short answer to question..nothing is 100
Percent because no person is perfect. Some things are possible but not wise. Some wise things are possible but not all the time.

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