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1 Mar 2015 07:47

Most of the time we ourselves dnt really know how people think and see who we are so lets hear other's opinion about us but please no abusive and offensive words..let us maturely accept others opinion and might as well make a little change for good... LET US SAY OUR OPINION ABOUT THE ONE POSTING COMMENT ABOVE US have fun and learn same time frnds!

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3 Mar 2015 10:35

When I came to know creepy. We became close and also had differences but since becoming to know her alot longer, I found her to be thoughtful, fun and very helpful ....I still think she is the best topic writer for romance/friends .....and I've learnt alot from her but she is also moody thankyou

3 Mar 2015 10:46
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3 Mar 2015 10:56

Quote by Teardropp
First impression lasts.. Tats what i thought of my arun.. First time we met hea, we fought.. Until now we still do.. But 1 thing about him is I never thought an abuser like him has a deeper side when he's inlove he's so sweet.. N tats what i liked about him a lot! :shy

am I arun

3 Mar 2015 11:34
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3 Mar 2015 11:40

Read creepys 1st comment

3 Mar 2015 12:30
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3 Mar 2015 12:56
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13 Mar 2015 00:15

Quote by Teardropp
Well, i'll juz say sumthin bout u while ur still above me i think ur a cool guy n a funny one.. Havent known u tat long but tats what i think of u.. U so full of mystery to me :haha

mystery man

13 Mar 2015 00:32

what if you know nothing abt the person above you?