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28 Feb 2015 04:08

this topic is created for freedom of speech for younger chatter ,, it don't matter what others says about it ,, but I'm here too fight for right for younger one who re using ,, the act of discrimination among user is getting increasing here on :
Population of tannger , younger , kids re getting increase everyday here on , it not about chat but it about freedom I'm not happy in the way most nationalities are really acting too others languages in a bad manner ,,, most languages or nationalities think Mobofree belong too them , which is bad , can u see most newbie tanager re running from ,,
We need too remember this young tanager re future users here on Mobofree ,, but we never think about that , never think about the present , think about the future dear mobofree admin

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3 Mar 2015 10:54

Bro, education starts at home ...
Thats true but then evryone here is not the same...we have cheeky, racist, friendly, caring , lovin and abusive users here but that doesn't matter ..... its how you adapt to that matters