International forum: Health - how to wake up peacefully?
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25 Feb 2015 15:55

you all know what its like..maybe you have an early meeting, zero hour classes or work that starts early..whatever it is, each morning you're at peace, resting in deep sleep, then then all of a sudden BEEP BEEP BEEP! the fourth of july is commencing on your night stand and you're frantically trying to make it stop..stupid alarms!

28 Feb 2015 06:34

dont rely on an annoying, loud, obnoxious alarm.. use two different alarms one with a loud beep, and one with peaceful music..set a radio, MP3 player, or other device to gradually wake you up first, 15-30 minutes prior to your regular will help to remind you that the loud beeping alarm will soon follow..

28 Feb 2015 06:36

try one of the new
alarm watches that
monitors your sleep
they determine the optimum moment to wake you based upon your sleep rhythms..waking at the wrong time according to your body's natural sleep cycle can make you feel groggy and irritable..these watches are supposed to eliminate this by waking you at the proper time for your body and the alarm to time you..

28 Feb 2015 06:37

tvoid drinking
caffeinated beverages
after sunset if you
usually go to sleep
after 8 pm..
interferes with your
sleeping and waking cycle..

28 Feb 2015 06:38

bypass overly
stimulating TV shows
and movies that kick up
an adrenaline response
in your body..
includes avoiding shows which depict murder, action movies, and stressful reality shows..if you must watch these shows, try to TiVo the show and watch it at another time if you can..

28 Feb 2015 06:39

foods you can safely
have in the evening
that wont harm your
sleep cycle include milk
products, which can
cause drowsiness and
help you, get to sleep..
and also turkey and nuts and other foods which contain tryptophan, a natural sleep aid, are okay for most people..

28 Feb 2015 06:41

if you must set an
alarm clock to wake up
in the morning, try
using one with natural
sounds or musical
instruments as part of
the alarm..
waking up to loud bells and beeps has been proven to induce a startle response, which creates extreme stress upon wakening and can negatively affect you throughout the day..

28 Feb 2015 06:41

try taking a bath
before you go to bed..

pour in some bubble bath and soak for half an hour/an hour..this should make you feel sleepy and drowsy, and ready to sleep..

28 Feb 2015 06:44

clinical trials in pakistan have showed that people who are slowly woken up by the light of the sun feel better in the morning.. if you can, set up some system of lighting that slowly turns on at the desired time, using a dimmer..the light should increase in strength over about half an hour before you wake up..

28 Feb 2015 06:46

set your alarm clock a few minutes before your regular time to get will give you a few minutes to relax and get ready to get up and you wont be late..

28 Feb 2015 06:47

dont try to wake up too fast because for some people that might make you dizzy, instead, sit at the edge of your bed and stretch your arms out take a few steps..then, try to walk a little fast when you get to the bathroom, wash your face and brush your teeth..

28 Feb 2015 06:48

experiment with different types of peaceful music..

28 Feb 2015 06:48

eat an orange (must be very fresh) as soon as you wake up..

28 Feb 2015 06:49

listen to your favorite song when you wake up..

28 Feb 2015 06:50

your alarm clock volume must not be too soft or gentle..

28 Feb 2015 06:50

dont forget to set your
beeping alarm..

1 Mar 2015 07:52

how to wake up peacefuly? hmmm!!! 4 me its peaceful wen i woke up wit my family and love 0nes..its nice to wake up thnking that ur there silently wishng me a gud m0rning