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24 Feb 2015 15:19

What did life teach you yesterday?

24 Feb 2015 18:21
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24 Feb 2015 18:23
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24 Feb 2015 19:14

its past i never think about past but i dont forgot what i mistak yestarday

24 Feb 2015 20:12

qartveli xar?

24 Feb 2015 21:03

Never to rush in life.

24 Feb 2015 22:17

Never trust to strangers

25 Feb 2015 08:01

Time is most precious compared to all valuable things.
Time can't be replaced, nor be retrieved.
It will goes on eternity.

As long you have quality time spent your time together your Family.

25 Feb 2015 08:37

Never To Trus Your Fellow Man

25 Feb 2015 09:37

Man is make from mistakes

25 Feb 2015 09:49

never to trust a woman

25 Feb 2015 10:21

neva tell people ur secret

25 Feb 2015 10:22

neva trust anybody

25 Feb 2015 10:40
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25 Feb 2015 13:25

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come, today is in front of you, enjoy and do the best you can for you and others, be happy and joyful! Life is to live happily and to share your happiness with others

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25 Feb 2015 14:01

That everyday we get knock down but we gotta continue to get back up & put our best foot forward

25 Feb 2015 16:32

never try to take your self where god didn't takes you

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