International forum: Other - how to avoid talking to people?
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24 Feb 2015 15:04

are you desperately trying to avoid talking to that chatterbox across the room? with this topic, you can!

24 Feb 2015 15:38

pretend to talk on the about something people really wouldn't want to soon as someone begins walking over to you to talk, say something like this into the receiver "she died? Oh, that horrible! let it all out, I'm here to help", "Yeah, I think those are the signs of diarrhea..i suggest going to a doctor", "she's pregnant? but dad, i swear i have nothing to do with that!"..these are all great things to say because people will feel awkward making you end the conversation, and talking to you about something..

24 Feb 2015 15:39

Appear to be texting.. whip out your blackberry, iPhone, or any other kind of phone and dig your head into the monitor as if the conversation were the most important thing in your life..if the person begins walking over to you, say out loud, "Oh, my God..this cant wait any longer", and begin texting even faster..the person will assume you're busy, and will leave..

24 Feb 2015 15:41

type on a computer..
appear to be extremely interested in your one will talk to you because they dont want to interrupt..if you dont actually want to be working, open a fun website in another window, and whenever someone walks by, open up your work..

24 Feb 2015 15:42

look frustrated.. if you don t have any objects to keep you preoccupied, simply look like you have a migraine..tap your foot impatiently, stare angrily into the sky, and take loud breaths..occasionally look at your watch, and continue looking mad..consider pounding your fist on your forehead to make it look even more convincing..but dont overact - this just makes you look like a faker and people will see through it..

24 Feb 2015 15:43

deny talking to anyone.. if all else fails, simply tell the person you dont want to talk..if they ask you to talk about something, say to them, "I'm sorry, I'm really busy right now", "Can I talk to you later please? Thanks" consider putting up your hand to separate you and the person while saying this, as if waving them away..

24 Feb 2015 15:45

if all else fails, pretend to listen to the person, and make some innocent small talk..

24 Feb 2015 15:46

warning! sometimes what the annoying person has to say is important..keep this in mind when telling people you dont want to talk..

24 Feb 2015 16:00

Keep your mouth shut! lol

20 Jun 2015 02:02

i stay alone and ignore them

20 Jun 2015 02:03

pretend that they're not existing