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24 Feb 2015 13:36

making someone happy just for the sake of it can be one of the most rewarding feelings in this world..brightening up a person’s day, whether the person is your best friend or your waiter, can bring you good karma and will make your day brighter in make someone happy, you have to be genuine, open, and willing to put in some effort to make a difference..

24 Feb 2015 15:05
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24 Feb 2015 16:18

be emotionally
everyone wants to know that they are loved and appreciated..encourage your friends to follow their dreams, especially if no one else will..find a way to tell them how much they mean to you, even if you have to do it casually or caring and compassionate in all your dealings..just being there for your friends, whether they’re having a major life struggle or just ranting about their work situation, can be the best thing you can do to make them happier..

24 Feb 2015 16:20

cheer them up when
they’re down..
smile at them and, if you have a warm relationship with the person, hug something fun like building a blanket fort, hosting a sleepover, or making silly putty, especially if you’re “too old” for such things..put together a little collection of adorable pictures, videos, and gifts and dare the person not to feel better after taking a look..

24 Feb 2015 16:22

be a good listener.. one easy way to make somebody feel appreciated and validated is to simply hear them out..try to understand their thoughts and be in their shoes..ask thoughtful questions, dont interrupt, and if you dont understand something, say something instead of playing may have a friend who feels like he doesn’t get enough attention and who really needs a kind ear, and you can make that person happier by being there and making an effort to really listen..

24 Feb 2015 16:25

to truly listen to your friend, turn your body toward him, make eye contact, and dont give unsolicited advice..make your friend see that you’re fully focused and are there to help make your friend’s life better, not to pass judgment..

24 Feb 2015 16:25

put your phone away when your friend is talking to show that you are giving your friend the attention he deserves..

24 Feb 2015 16:27

give a meaningful gift.. take the time out to pick out a special gift that is suitable for the person..the more thought you put into the gift, the better it is from the point of being an expression of positive energy and consideration..get your friend something that he or she would really like or need instead of getting something random it could be a rare album that your friend would love, or a first edition of your friend’s favorite novel..making an effort to find something truly unique for your friend will make your friend feel
instantly happy..

24 Feb 2015 16:28

though giving your friend a meaningful gift on her birthday or during the holidays can make a positive impression, sometimes nothing can make a person happier than a random gift given without a special occasion..

24 Feb 2015 16:30

call up a friend just to
say hi..
one way to make a friend happy is to call him or her just to say hi..this small gesture can make a big difference and can show your friend that you really care about him or her and want to know what’s going on in his or her when you have a few minutes and ask about how your friend’s day is going and what he’s been up to at work, in school, or with his friends..take some time to take an interest in your friend without wanting anything in return, and you’ll be lighting up your friend’s day..

24 Feb 2015 16:31

people dont call each other just to chat nearly as often as they used to..make your friend happy by calling without wanting a single thing..

24 Feb 2015 16:32

if you know your friend just had a big week, such as starting a new job, then calling just to see how it’s going can make your friend even happier..

24 Feb 2015 16:34

help out a friend just
another way to make a friend happy is to offer some help..this doesn’t mean you have do anything super intense, or to only help out during dark times, either..if your friend is having a busy day, pick up lunch for him or her or offer to walk his dog that can give your friend a ride to work if you know his car is in the shop, or help him put together that IKEA table that’s been leaning against his wall for weeks..even making an effort to help out with the small things can bring a smile to your friend’s face..

24 Feb 2015 16:42

some of your friends may be resistant to asking for help even when they need on making them see that you genuinely do want to help them, and they’ll be more eager to accept..

24 Feb 2015 16:43

be your friend and see what he or she needs the most..maybe your friend would love a cup of iced coffee but is too shy to ask for it..

24 Feb 2015 16:44

write them thank you
your friend will instantly be happier if you send him a thank you card that shows how much you appreciate something he’s done for may think that thank you cards are only for teachers or older people, but sending one to a friend can be a meaningful and unique way to say thank you and to make your friend feel dont have to thank the friend for a specific thing, but you can be more general and thank him for being an amazing friend or a great listener..

24 Feb 2015 16:46

leave the note on your friend’s doorstep, in your friend’s mailbox, or even sneak it inside a book your friend is reading..the element of surprise can make your friend even happier..

24 Feb 2015 16:49

say something nice
about a friend behind
his back..
another way to make your friend happy is to praise him to other friends when he’s not around..instead of gossiping and being mean, spread the positivity and say something nice about one of your friends, whether you’re praising his fashion sense or his amazing guitar skills, so that your friend will feel happy when it gets back to assured that, just like negative gossip, your friend will hear about it if you say something kind about him behind his back..

24 Feb 2015 16:50

plus, if you say something nice about a friend behind his or her back, this will inspire your friend to say something about you when you’re not around this will continue to spread positive energy around..

24 Feb 2015 16:52

bake something..
baking something is a way to make your friends happy that will never grow stale..taking the time to bake chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, apple pie, or another favorite treat of your friend’s will definitely make your friend happy and will make him or her appreciate the effort you’re putting in to lighting up your friend’s can even leave the baked treats on your friend’s desk or on her front porch for an extra surprise treat..

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