International forum: Health - how to be a mindful consumer?
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24 Feb 2015 12:04

mindless consumerism is
depleting earth's resources, creates a shallow spiritual environment, and wastes money..a mindful consumer thinks more carefully about where his or her money goes, how it is used, and protects the can you go about this?

25 Feb 2015 02:45

buy only what you
there's nothing wrong with buying things, but do so with some thought..can you really do without it? ask yourself if this is a want or a need? is there anything about the advertising of this product that is making you think that you will be happier if you buy it?

25 Feb 2015 02:47

consider the
consequences of your
on your own life and the life of others..this is an important step towards sustainable happiness!

25 Feb 2015 02:48

choose products with
fair trade labels,
organic labels, or eco-friendly labels..
supporting these products is a mindful act because it shows that you care about the production methods and impact of the products that you consume..

25 Feb 2015 02:50

shop locally.. support local retailers, farms, and will help support your community more effectively than giving your money to multinational will also cut down the carbon emissions of products sent around the world..

25 Feb 2015 02:52

use courtesy.. be polite to retail assistants..a mindful shopper is a considerate shopper who understands the stresses of constant contact with people, including difficult customers and the strain of standing up all day, under bright lights, with scents, noise, and other unwanted invasions surrounding them..when you need help, ask for it politely and if you have a problem, deal with retail assistants and their bosses in an efficient, caring, and assertive way..

25 Feb 2015 02:54

dispose of items
recycle, reuse, find someone who can use it after yourself..sometimes, items have to be disposed of at a landfill, but minimize this..

25 Feb 2015 02:55

help others be mindful
this wont be easy as some people refuse to worry about the issues surrounding the creation of products but with gentle persuasion, you can fill them in on the facts and help them to better understand and to make mindful consumption choices down the track..

20 Jun 2015 02:10

consume moderately