International forum: Food - how to afford healthy food?
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24 Feb 2015 11:11

healthy food doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot, its all about that which must go in one's integrated course of natural and artificial food over a day is what we call a healthy food which can be easily afforded by one and all..the only thing that matters is that how do you look healthy food as..for some of it simply mean healthy, but for some of us it means "heaalthhyyy"

26 Feb 2015 14:06

set a budget.. make a spreadsheet with your necessary purchases and projected income for the week or month..this will allow you to prioritize and cut back on purchases that are unnecessary..

26 Feb 2015 14:07

purchase produce from
local farmer's markets..
organic produce is often far less expensive when bought directly from the farmer..

26 Feb 2015 14:09

reduce meat
meat can be expensive, especially if it is organic..cutting back or
eliminating meat from your diet can reduce potential health problems like high blood pressure and addition, it can save time in the preparation of meals..

26 Feb 2015 14:10

stock up on bulk
legumes and beans..

conventional and organic beans and legumes are readily available..buying dry lentils and different types of beans can also save you some money, because they have not been canned and you dont pay for the processing.the consumption of dry food often takes a little bit of extra preparation, such as soaking the beans, but it ultimately saves you money..

26 Feb 2015 14:11

reduce dairy
non-organic dairy products, including cheese and milk, are heavily processed and can cause many health problems including cardiac disease and obesity..eliminating these products from your diet can also save you money..

26 Feb 2015 14:12

get only what you
make meal plans for the week and purchase only the ingredients that are necessary..

26 Feb 2015 14:13

making meal plans can keep you disciplined and minimize waste..

26 Feb 2015 14:17

eat less.. we often eat too much and too quickly given our hectic lifestyles, but eating more slowly and eating smaller portions is better for your also takes 20 minutes for you to feel full, because that's the amount of time it takes for the message to get from your stomach to
your brain..consuming less food and eating slowly will mean less groceries to buy after planning your meals, not to mention better health!