International forum: Health - how to create sustainable happiness?
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24 Feb 2015 07:45

sustainable happiness is about recognizing that your happiness is interconnected with other people and the natural environment..our daily actions and choices can contribute to our own well-being, and that of others..however, our choices can also detract from our well-being, the well-being of other people or the natural environment..sustainable happiness can lead you to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and greater life satisfaction..

24 Feb 2015 11:10

bring happiness to your friends, family and community

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24 Feb 2015 11:53

create your happy list.. take 10 minutes to write down all the things that make you happy, including people, places, nature, pets, accomplishments, work, physical activity, etc..just write freely without censoring yourself..

24 Feb 2015 11:55

chart your sustainable
happiness footprint for
a week..
use the
headings in the sample chart above to track your activities..for each activity, fill in how it made you feel, its potential impact on you, on other people, and the natural environment..the chart helps you to identify opportunities in your daily life where you can make a shift towards sustainable happiness..

24 Feb 2015 11:57

compare happiness
with sustainable
there is
strong research evidence that shows that happiness is associated with health and well-being..there is also a pop-culture about happiness that is sometimes marketing quick fixes for making you'll also see lists of happy countries, happy cities, and so may notice that these views of happiness dont portray the big picture of how our happiness is connected to other people and the planet..

24 Feb 2015 11:59

make a sustainable
commit to at least one thing that you could shift in your life that will enhance your well- being, the well being of other people, or of the natural environment..once this new commitment has become part of your life you may want to make another one! and another one! creating a legacy of sustainable happiness!