International forum: Health - how to stay healthy and active?
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24 Feb 2015 06:11

staying in shape is a health necessity, especially as you grow and age..staying fit can add years to your life-span and markedly improve your overall doesn't have to be hard to care for your health..stay healthy and active with a few common -sense tips- read on below the jump for instructions..

24 Feb 2015 13:39

get outside and stay
active in the sun..

24 Feb 2015 13:40

run often - daily, if
running is a
great way to stay in good shape, and it's good even if only for 10 minutes..

24 Feb 2015 13:41

exercise daily.. get out and do some exercise to get your body warm and moving! having an exercise buddy will help keep you in your routine - it's too easy to quit when you're on your own!

24 Feb 2015 13:42

drink sufficient
amounts of water..
it will keep you hydrated enough to carry through addition, water itself can keep you healthy and fresh each day..

24 Feb 2015 13:43

eat healthy foods! each person's diet should generally include a steady intake of vegetables, fruits, meats, and meats are especially important to keep the iron in your body..

24 Feb 2015 13:44

invite someone over to
exercise with you..when your brain says "this is boring" and you want to quit, have a friend nearby, someone to talk with and motivate you!

24 Feb 2015 13:44

find an exercising activity that you will help you continue to be healthy and active..

24 Feb 2015 13:46

warning! dont jump to a healthy lifestyle too quickly or it may shock your body (and also probably make you sore)..