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24 Feb 2015 06:06

whether you are trying to squeeze into that “perfect” size for a reunion or wedding or you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired getting into shape and staying in shape doesn’t have to be an insurmountable conquest if you have the right tools and plenty of support..

24 Feb 2015 14:13

observe your eating
dont change
your eating pattern..most of us are not good at dieting, so better dont can relish your favorite dish once a month so that you dont go on a craving could definitely lower your carb zone..focus on having healthy, stomach filling food..cheese, cake and carbonated drinks are a complete no-no..

24 Feb 2015 14:14

balance.. you should have protein,fiber, fruit and vegetables on your plate..for example as an ideal dinner you could have macaroni and cheese with broccoli,and an apple)..

24 Feb 2015 14:15

eat in moderation.. sure, you can bust out the candy and sweets..but you have to learn how to limit and monitor how much you do eat..let's say you have 2 fudge bars and after dinner you eat one and you save the other one for tomorrow night..

24 Feb 2015 14:17

overcome cravings!
this is one of the hardest parts..let's say you just had a meal 20 minutes ago and you want maybe a couple of chips but you end up eating a little bit more than you bargained for! this is normal your body turns down the healthy stuff and it accepts the non- healthy stuff..sometimes, for a really big craving, it's a good idea to portion out some of your favorite snacks and candies into little bags beforehand..this can help you to overcome cravings..

24 Feb 2015 14:18

eliminate.. that is when you feel hungry 20 or more minutes after a meal, make sure to get a healthy snack like some cereal or a banana but once in a while spice it up..

24 Feb 2015 14:20

decorate! just because your life is changing right now (while your reading this page) doesn't mean you cant spice it up! if your having strawberry's and banana's decorate it to make it look like a gourmet meal! and make it your own if your having macaroni and cheese take 4 spinach leaves and stick it in the macaroni and cheese..this will make it way more inviting..

24 Feb 2015 14:21

how much you put on
your plate!
there's a
saying that says your eyes are bigger than your stomach.that saying Has checked into reality sometimes when your eating and your stomach says i'm full that's when you stop but let's say you look at the food your mind says yes but you stomach says NO WAY! its proven that you do what your brain is saying!

24 Feb 2015 14:22

control.. eat when you have the desirable amount..dont eat when you're full, eat when your stomach is just will have room for dessert!

24 Feb 2015 14:23

find a time out of
your day specifically
for that..
it should be in a pattern so your body expects what's coming up next!

24 Feb 2015 14:24

dance, do a workout
video, run and listen
to music, go to a local

24 Feb 2015 14:26

work hard.. the ideal workout is 25 to 30 or maybe even 45 minutes you can choose a time limit that works best for you!

24 Feb 2015 14:27

stick to a goal.. let's say if your jogging and it's your first day make a goal for example 2 blocks than the next day 3 than you could keep on going up and up and up..

24 Feb 2015 14:28

to make a workout a
little bit more
enjoyable maybe listen
to music it's a way to
relax and get things

24 Feb 2015 14:29

stay focused.. have your mind set on what you want to get done..make sure there's no distraction possible and keep that strong will pays off in the end..

24 Feb 2015 14:30

be betermined.. always have that strong will meaning "I'm going to get this done and no one can stop me"