International forum: Other - What is your worst/best Memory Of High school and why?
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16 Mar 2014 23:06

18 Mar 2014 00:52

worst/best memory ...... hhhhmmmm ..... wait let me think ....

if my memory is still underconstruction wait .........

18 Mar 2014 04:39 memmory is when all the 12th grade notice me bcoz my group final English papers finish first than all other groups

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18 Mar 2014 09:15

My best memory in high skul is wen i know what love is like n what boys want from a girl!!! I now know that its not easy to find true love nowadays

18 Mar 2014 12:44
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9 Nov 2014 20:53

Good is that everyone wanted to be in my science congress group study was the very best i miss them so much
bad waking @5 cold shower in a hall everyone can see you the food had insects struggle 4 top layer hehee being sent home bcoz of lack of fees where i was loosing much much more nkt!

9 Nov 2014 21:02
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9 Nov 2014 21:08

My worst memory? Well, it's between the english teacher I had in my third year (god, how I hated her, she was so jelous) and being kept back a year... But This last one didn't turn out to be that bad, I meet one of my bestfriends

24 Nov 2014 15:52