International forum: Other - AGENT OF MESSAGER [read below]
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22 Feb 2015 22:46

Mobofree user please beware of user who called them Mobofree agent , this agent re user's who pretend too be female , but they re male , most of them re d user who report user too admin for unregistered , most of them who called themself agent of report are using multiple iD's too abuse innocent user and also , they re
The same user who will copy paste ur messages with thier real account ,, so beware ,
on mobofree project will have two nations who act as agent , but I can't mention their names for security reason , moderators from level 12 too 8# should also be ware of them ,they re agent of messages ,, innocent user keep get unregistered becos of them does mobofree needed agent ? yes they exist but always stay safe guyz

1 • yes they really exist here on mobofree
2 • most user don't know them but beware don't be mistake or targeted by them
3 • a moderator can lost his/her power becos of them ,, so be careful guys
4 • the only we can be careful from target too u re !! , don't upload erotic photo , don't make ur disrespected from user :, and don't much be respect ,,
5 • dont reply or chat any unauthorized fake I'd which mail ur inbox ,
6 • beware on any fake or real I'd which visit ur profile every second / minute , and hours
7 • if you uncomfortable about unauthorized ID's which visit your profile , maybe most re a single user with multiple fake ID's ,, just mail or inbox level 13# admin moderator's for more safety u can also mail any moderator online , but my advice for you just contact level 13# mod ,, whenever you feel ya re not safe ,, I have a reason why u needed too contact level 13# ,
8 • you most be smart about it , cos whenever this unauthorized I'd inbox you , or your photo with abuse , u really needed too be first , but don't fight them back with abuse cos if you do so I promise u , will copy paste ur message too Mobofree admin or they will create fake I'd with your name in a multiple ID's spread it over Mobofree chat rooms , soo pls be careful
9 • this agent re into two part , one re working for development of Mobofree , and other re here too abuse but always stay safe , thank you !!!!

thanks all good user for supporting and building a wonderful MOBOFREE PROJECT

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23 Feb 2015 16:16

Yes dear

23 Feb 2015 16:19

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Yes dear

Thanks sissy