International forum: Romance & Friendship - how to aim high with your relationships?
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20 Feb 2015 19:02

healthy relationships are important to everyone..they even courage people to strive to make the world a better place in which to live..if you are interested in learning how to improve your relationship with other people, this t0pic may help you achieve that goal..

24 Feb 2015 10:24

be true to yourself.. be pleasant and truthful with yourself and others..dont lie, even for a simple, small joke..

24 Feb 2015 10:25

self-confidence is a
great step towards the
path of a healthy
be aware
of your responsibility to
form and maintain
good relationships
dont put the burden
on others..dont always
wait for the other
person to make the
first overture..

24 Feb 2015 10:26

dont dwell on past
hardships, but move
through and beyond
the hardship so you can
form new and healthy

24 Feb 2015 10:28

live simply, even
through hardship..
patient until you overcome the negativity you may feel and don't dwell on negative aware of things around you (television, electronic gadgets) that influence how you think..acknowledge good and helpful things in your positive and be thankful for the good things..

24 Feb 2015 10:28

never make a third
person indulge in your

24 Feb 2015 10:29

make your relations
strong by a positive
influences such as faith,
love, kindness, and

24 Feb 2015 10:30

be kind and loving with
others during hardship
and in good times..

24 Feb 2015 10:30

dont be a
troublemaker or
busybody regarding
relationships between

24 Feb 2015 10:31

avoid busybodies and
trouble-makers and
dont become one

24 Feb 2015 10:32

avoid negative

24 Feb 2015 10:32

maintain eye-to-eye
contact, but in a group
look at everyone..

24 Feb 2015 10:33

try to maintain a
pleasant atmosphere
around yourself others
will be drawn to it..