International forum: Romance & Friendship - how to be effectionate?
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20 Feb 2015 18:53

affection is a physical
expression of is usually associated with love and long-term relationships, because a steady stream of affection can make people closer..studies have shown that children who receive high levels of caressing affection as children had lower levels of stress..

23 Feb 2015 22:17

hmm!!!! 4 me to be m0re affectionate u have to be m0re smart, luk go0d @ d0 g0od

24 Feb 2015 15:09

Quote by quiete
hmm!!!! 4 me to be m0re affectionate u have to be m0re smart, luk go0d @ d0 g0od

im agree with you
baby q

24 Feb 2015 15:10

recognize your
discomfort with
caressing, hugging,
holding hands, or
many people are uncomfortable with touch because of personality or family to someone about it, write about it, or set a reminder until you form a habit of physical affection..

24 Feb 2015 15:11

schedule cuddle time
with kids or spouses..

not being affectionate may be a time issue, so put it on your night, story time, and even TV watching time can be combined with cuddling..

24 Feb 2015 15:12

hold hands.. whether it is with your partner or your kids, holding hands is easy and cements your bond..perhaps it is the easiest way to immediately increase your physical affection for another person..

24 Feb 2015 15:13

include physical touch
in a list of health goals..
having contact with your kids and partner can release oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, which lowers blood can also help you control the stress hormone cortisol..

24 Feb 2015 15:14

list healthy ways that
you can be physically
affectionate, in your
mind or on paper..
make a goal to do them all at various points throughout the week..

24 Feb 2015 15:15

try massaging.. a back or neck massage is a great way to give physical affection..your partner may enjoy it and return the favor..

24 Feb 2015 15:17

compliment someone
every day..
compliments to children and spouses make them feel more fulfilled..

24 Feb 2015 15:18

greet your partner or
children when they get
home from work..
stop what you are doing and interact so they know you care..

24 Feb 2015 15:18

nickname your partner
or children..
a positive
nickname shows that you have a special bond..

24 Feb 2015 15:20

take the time to say
“thank you”
think of all the things the other person does for you or the ways they improve your life..look them in the eyes and express your appreciation in a few sentences..