International forum: Other - this is what changes admin/moderator minds __[most read]!!!
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20 Feb 2015 15:53

In the past days and beginning of this project ,
most of the user here where promoted too admin/moderator too work so hard too gain and invite users too join Mobofree ,, in d past years , most user work so hard for Mobofree ,,they where promoted too admin/moderators ,, but this re the reason why they lost their power from moderating too user

1• they don't respect other user on mobofree old and young
2 • a moderator or admin need too show respect too others so they can be respected also , but they didn't
3 • in the past years on mobofree most admin always give power too his country mate , which is wrong ;)
4 • this re moderator most problem here , they always chat with people alot which is wrong
5 • in the past years/days most moderators/admin where blackmail by their own friends
6 • past moderator do always create multiple I'd too fight and abuse other user
7 • giving their password too their girlfriend/boyfriend ,
8 moderator need too respect every citizen on this site not just his/her language mate
9 • most moderator lost his or her power becos of sex chat with other user ,I know alot it them in d past ,, and their I'd was unregistered by sir Mobofree
10 • most moderator password where hack not just one by more by unauthorized fake user I'd here on Mobofree ,
most moderator re always creating id/too spam/flood in d pass years , most re need sexually chat with young girls on this project,, so they were remove from post and banned by mobofree or unregistered

11 • most moderator where not having experience on how too moderate his user
12 • misusing his/her power too banned innocent user , who don't chat with them ;),, or accept their friend request in d past , most user don't really know about it but I guess the old user here on know alot of what I'm saying ,,
, but this is my advice for you oldbie and newbie user's on project , first respect Mobofree rule/law , don't abuse innocent user just becos u hate them , everyone have the right too mail adminstrator/Mobofree or level 13# moderator if you having problem ,, mobofree is an small world , the only way will make it a big world unity and trust ,,

Always remember this quote , that says the young shall grow ,,

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