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20 Feb 2015 10:05

in m0dern s0ciety, its 0ften c0nsidered c0ol t0 pretend like u d0nt care ab0ut anything, what pe0ple think, whats g0ing on in ur c0mmunity, and even h0w ur 0wn life is g0ing t0 unf0ld..but when u d0nt care, u miss 0ut on a l0t..caring ab0ut the pe0ple u l0ve, the values u believe in and what happens in the future can make life happier and a l0t m0re meaningful.. whether you've forg0tten h0w t0 care 0r u want t0 care m0re deeply, this t0pic will help u figure 0ut whats imp0rtant t0 u and practice expressing th0se feelings..

20 Feb 2015 18:04

look at how you spend your free time.. still aren't sure what matters to you? take a look at what you do with your time once all your obligations have been fulfilled..when your homework is complete, the workday is over and the chores are done, what do you usually do? the way you spend your free time can be quite probably use it to do something you care about..

20 Feb 2015 18:07

feel emotions instead
of trying to escape
from them..
caring doesn't always feel fact, it can feel downright lousy, like when it comes in the form of guilt or sadness..but letting yourself feel deeply, even when you emotions are painful, is what caring is all a reward, you'll have better relationships and be more engaged with the world around you..

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20 Feb 2015 18:09

work on strengthening your relationships with
some of your most important cares are probably related to people in your life..caring about people is what drives relationships forward and makes them fulfilling..sometimes just spending more time with people close to you can influence how much you care about them..the better you get to know them, the more you'll care about them..