International forum: Family & kids - how to be happier and kinder in life?
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20 Feb 2015 08:00

every0ne can bec0me
happy even when they are sad..m0st pe0ple just d0nt kn0w h0w..this t0pic will sh0w u h0w t0 bring the best 0ut..

20 Feb 2015 17:33

know that sometimes
we dont get along
with people and that's
just learn how to minimise it..

20 Feb 2015 17:34

always compliment
and be kind to others..
the same goes for everyone, just put yourself in their shoes and soon you will be chatting away in no time..

20 Feb 2015 17:35

notice that if you have
a feeling that a fight is
rising up, try and be
compromise or just have a few minutes to think by yourself..that way you can avoid a fight..

20 Feb 2015 17:36

remember, what goes
around comes around..
if you're nice to people they will be nice back and probably be more helpful if you're asking for a favour..

20 Feb 2015 17:37

think.. if you are ever in a sticky situation, all you need to do is think..