International forum: Romance & Friendship - how to stop liking someone?
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20 Feb 2015 04:02

we all have been there,
crushing on some0ne we
sh0uldn't be crushing on..s0metimes f0r days, s0metimes f0r m0nths, either way, f0r t0o l0ng..but with a little mind p0wer and a bit 0f time, you'll st0p thinking ab0ut him 0r her and begin t0 w0nder why u ever did..

20 Feb 2015 16:33

give yourself space.. the 0ld pr0verb, Out 0f sight, 0ut 0f mind, is true..when u surr0und urself with different pe0ple and things, this pers0n will bec0me an 0bject 0f the past..

20 Feb 2015 16:35

give yourself time.. emoti0ns d0nt go away 0vernight..sl0wly but surely, th0ugh, they'll fade..

20 Feb 2015 16:36

stop checking up on
them online..
c0nsistently reminded 0f them will 0nly make things harder..

20 Feb 2015 16:38

get rid 0f reminders.. its harder t0 f0rget some0ne if you're surr0unded by items that spark unwelc0me th0ughts..

20 Feb 2015 16:39
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20 Feb 2015 16:40

think 0f their faults.. everyb0dy has them..Odds are, you've been unable t0 see them because you've been id0lizing that pers0n..

20 Feb 2015 16:43

take care of yourself
you are the m0st imp0rtant pers0n in your life..Ab0ve all, you need t0 be happy..and this pers0n isn't cutting it..

20 Feb 2015 16:44

busy yourself.. you'll barely have time t0 think ab0ut him/her..