International forum: Other - FALSE HOPES???
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18 Feb 2015 10:11

So many important concerns arising in this site...some are simple but mostly are important concerns..normal users' only hope on this concerns to be solved is through forwarding this to moderators so that moderators can help out if they can or can relay the concern to higher admins.We normal users hoped that those concerns be given attention and action even if not as fast as we want it to be catered...but then its upsetting that most concerns here seems nt given importance at all.......are we just getting FALSE HOPES???

3 Mar 2015 18:30

I guess a few reasons why admin will not... they think its unrealistic, not needed at this time or maybe other but a simple response would be better but the non response make us think that they are ignorant and they are ..... my thought

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19 Mar 2015 09:40